Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Fiancee Shares Photo Of Him With Her Grandson

franciefrane / Instagram

Duane “Dog” Chapman and his fiancee Francie Frane got engaged earlier this year after both of them lost their spouses. The two of them initially bonded over their shared grief and after a couple of months of dating, Dog decided to pop the question. With COVID-19 shutting down most of the country, they’ve been able to spend more time not only with each other but also with each other’s families who support the couple’s relationship.

Francie posted a new photo on October 14, 2020, of the 67-year-old bounty hunter enjoying the day with her grandson with the caption, “Love these two boys ❤️.”

Dog wore sunglasses and had his tattooed arms on display in a blue tank top while sitting next to a little boy who sat on the floor smiling for the picture.

The photo was a special moment that captured the love and care Dog has for his soon-to-be family.

The engaged couple has recently been filming for the upcoming reality series, Dog Unleashed, which is expected to premiere in January 2021. In it, Dog has promised to go after the “worst of the worst,” and indicated that his fiancee has even dipped her toes in some of the action.

Check out the trailer for Dog Unleashed below.