Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Son Hospitalized Weeks After Beth’s Death

Instagram / Beth Chapman, Leland Chapman

Just a few short weeks after the passing of his beloved stepmother and fellow bounty hunter, Beth Chapman, the son of Duane “Dog” Chapman has been hospitalized following an injury sustained while bounty hunting a known fugitive.

According to, the 42-year-old reality television star and his father, Dog, were chasing down a suspect and throughout the course of the manhunt, there was a struggle while trying to subdue the fugitive.

Chapman and Dog were hunting fugitive Edward Morales in Adams County, Colorado when it all happened and Leland Chapman somehow was injured and transported to the hospital where he will undergo surgery to repair his ACL.

This was both Dog and Leland’s first fugitive hunt for their reality show since Beth’s passing on June 26th, 2019. A memorial service in her honor is set for July 13th in another part of Colorado.

We are praying for Leland’s speedy recovery and hopefully, he will be able to attend the memorial in just a few days’ time.

Watch a video of Leland hunting a fugitive below – and you can see how crazy it gets!