Twitter User Posts Photo Of “Medium Rare Chicken” Thinking It’s A Delicacy

Twitter / JAS_Fri, Memeulous

More than just a few people have shared their own posts about eating “medium rare chicken” on social media and the photos are gut-wrenching to anyone who knows just how slimy raw chicken is!

From one viral post in 2017 and even in recent days, the internet has been swamped with people flashing their insane plates filled with giant chunks of raw, partially-cooked chicken that is enough to make me gag several times over.

Apparently, this internet trend started back in 2017 with a joke from a young girl in Australia, but now, it appears that people are actually learning that in certain places of the world – undercooked chicken is a delicacy!

In Japan, there is a dish called chicken tataki which is essentially “seared” chicken, with a raw center. In a post reviewing a local restaurant in Shizuoka City, Japan, there is a photo showing how it is served at that establishment.

Shizuoka Tourism

The chicken tataki dish is served over searing hot coals and is from locally-sourced chicken that is raised in ultra-hygienic conditions. This means that the time between the chicken being killed and served raw(ish) is minimal and reduces the risk of salmonella – but does not eliminate the risk.

We highly advise against making anything other than fully-cooked chicken at home. Chicken is considered “fully-cooked” when the internal temperature of the center of the chicken reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Watch this video below on raw fish vs. raw chicken.