Dolly Confessed She Once Found A Baby In Her Driveway

Larry King / YouTube

During one of the most shocking interviews Dolly Parton has ever given, the beloved country star confesses that she made a terrifying discovery upon returning home one evening.

In an interview with Larry King, this influential female icon opened up, admitting that she and longtime husband, Carl Dean, found an unexpected person waiting for them when the got home.

Prompted by Larry for a story about the funniest¬†gift a fan had given her, Dolly said that she had a bizarre story instead – and Larry welcomed the idea…but he was NOT expecting what she told him.

“Years ago when my song Jolene came out, I came home one day from work,” Dolly began. “And there was a basket at the gate [of our home] and I thought ‘Oh, someone’s left us some food’.”

And this is where her story starts to get really unusual. Dolly tells Larry that she then looked inside of the basket only to discover that someone had abandoned their baby in her driveway!

And there was a note that said ‘My name is Jolene and I want you to have me. You can have me for keeps’ or something to that effect,” the superstar continued. “And I freaked out. I didn’t know what to do.”

As she goes on she says that she was so stunned and terrified by the bizarre situation she ran up to the house to call the police. Sure enough the police arrived and opened an investigation, placing the baby in the care of Child Services.

To this day, Dolly has no idea what ever did happen to little baby Jolene.

Watch Dolly talk about this crazy experience in her interview with Larry King below!