Dreamy ‘Idol’ Contestant Sweeps Judges Off Their Feet With ‘In Case You Didn’t Know’

American Idol/YouTube

American Idol is back and in a big way! We’re only two nights in to the series reboot and it’s everything we had hoped for, and more.

The talent has been over the top, although we haven’t seen many country artists. But, singer Trevor Holmes was worth waiting for. The 27-year old from Thousand Oaks, California, caught the judges’ eye immediately upon walking into the audition room. “Good Lord, you’re a dreamboat,” Luke Bryan told Holmes.

Fellow judge Katy Perry was so smitten by Holmes that she couldn’t contain her excitement. “You’re so hot,” Perry said. “First of all, only hot guys are typically named Trevor. He’s hot, he does construction on the side and he loves his mom.”

The audition became uncomfortably awkward as Trevor blushed and Katy Perry swooned as he sang Brett Young’s chart-topping hit “In Case You Didn’t Know” and changed some of the lyrics to say “In case you didn’t know, Katy I’m crazy ’bout you.”

The panel agreed to send Trevor through to Hollywood. As Katy Perry was making her way to give him a congratulatory hug, Holmes’ girlfriend rushed into the room. Perry’s hilarious reaction is worth watching again and again.

Check out Trevor Holme’s American Idol audition as he sings “In Case You Didn’t Know” in the video below.