Dressed As Ariel, Lauren Alaina Dances On DWTS ‘Disney Night’

Dancing with the Stars / Facebook

Those competing on Dancing with the Stars embraced a little Disney magic on Monday night (October 14) because it was “Disney Night!” That meant that all dancers performed routines to famous Disney songs, and also dressed as iconic Disney characters.

Country singer Lauren Alaina went “Under the Sea” for her Disney Night performance, and danced the Samba dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.


The stage was transformed into an underwater paradise, with neon-colored jellyfish hanging from the ceiling. There was also a grotto-like backdrop behind the stage, which resembled the grotto where Ariel hid all of her treasures from the human world.

“Under the Sea” was the perfect, upbeat song for the samba, which is a Brazilian dance with origins in Africa. The dance involves a lot of quick movements, one being the signature “samba roll,” which is not easy to execute.

Dancing with the Stars / YouTube

Alaina was rewarded handsomely for her routine, and was given a score of 23 from the judges. That makes it one of her highest-scoring dances on the show!

Viewers loved the routine as well, and praised it on social media. One Twitter user called her dance “terrific” while another said he thought she makes “a great Little Mermaid.”


One person also drew a comparison between Alaina’s routine and one performed by reigning champion Bobby Bones. He also danced to a Little Mermaid-themed routine during his time on DWTS.

The Twitter user said maybe this is a good sign that Alaina will go on to win her season of the show.


Now you can watch Alaina dance to “Under the Sea” by tuning in to the video below. It was such a spectacular routine!