Woman Puts Camera On Bird Feeder & Captures Photos Of Many Animals

photo credit: ostdrossel / Facebook

Putting A Camera On Her Bird Feeder

In 2012 Lisa moved from Germany to Michigan and was surprised at all the wildlife she saw passing through her backyard. Wanting to get a closer look at the critters, she set up bird feeders with cameras on them and begun taking pictures.


“There was so much color and diversity, different from what I was used to in city life,” Ostdrossel told The Dodo. “I wanted to share them with my family in Germany and so I started feeding birds and taking photos.”

Lisa set up an Instagram page named Ostdrossel where she started posting all the photos her camera captured. She adds to it weekly and to get better shots she has even built her own custom-made bird feeders with the cameras installed in the perfect spot for the best photos.


Each evening she looked over the photos and videos and was fascinated by the poses, postures, and different animals that attended her bird feeder. She got the pleasure of seeing birds she had never seen before and watched some grow from babies to adulthood.

“I have set up a nesting box for the Bluebirds in my yard which also has a camera inside and I have watched them building their nests and raising their babies for several years now,” Lisa said. “They are very special to me and the best is when their babies are old enough to be brought to the yard by their parents and get taught how to eat mealworms.”


Lisa says one of the best times of the year to watch the birds is during the migration season. During this time she captured birds that were only passing through and not native to the area: like the Summer Tanager and Palm Warbler.

Birds weren’t the only thing that showed up to her bird feeder, though. She also filmed chipmunks, opossums, groundhogs, and even skunks taking advantage of the free food.


She says that not only does the hidden bird feeder cams help her feel closer to her newly adopted country, but it also makes her more aware of the animals who live there. To see more you can go to Lisa’s Instagram page, Ostdrossel to view other photos and videos she’s taken.