Driver Says He Crashed Into House Because A “Chicken Crossed The Road”

Arrive Alive @_ArriveAlive / Twitter

A man in his white Ford Focus ended his trip by crashing into a house in Waterloo, South Africa, on August 27th, 2020.

The accident happened because the driver was surprised by a silhouette of something that appeared to be big and about to cross the road. To avoid hitting it, the driver swerved but lost control of his car and accidentally drove off an embankment and into a house. Fortunately, the people living in the house were not injured.

Arrive Alive @_ArriveAlive / Twitter

The Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) operations center was contacted by local residents who reported the accident and asked for help. While the car was heavily damaged, the 42-year-old driver and the 19-year-old teen in the car received only minor injuries. They got medical help at the crash scene and were taken to the hospital by ambulance.

When the driver was asked to confirm which silhouette crossed the road, he initially said it looked to be a child. But then later changed his story saying he thinks it might have been a chicken or dog.

Arrive Alive @_ArriveAlive / Twitter

Photos of the incident were shared on Twitter by Arrive Alive and they received many comments about the “chicken crossing the road”:

“Was the chicken crossing the road?”  Na_Po asked on Arrive Alive Twitter account.

“Who came first the chicken or the dog?”  Char replied.

“The dog chased the chicken,”  Sean wrote.