Duane “Dog” Chapman Shares Heath Scare: “I Was Almost Dying”

Duane Lee Chapman / Instagram

In a virtual interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Duane “Dog” Chapman shared his COVID-19 scare after contracting an illness that left him unable to climb out of bed.

While the famous bounty hunter was adamant that his illness was not COVID-19, he also admitted that he did not take a test to confirm a negative diagnosis. Still, like many other people throughout the pandemic, Chapman became nervous upon his onset of symptoms. In the interview, Chapman explained:

“I think anybody right now in America that gets a bad cold or a little bit of a flu, ‘ahhh’ the COVID alarm goes off in your mind. Fear, ‘Oh no! I’m over 60, am I gonna make it?’ So yea, I thought, ‘Here we go COVID versus the Dog, here we go.’ But, I didn’t have it, so thank the Lord.”

Chapman revealed that by the time he became ill, he was too sick to go out and get a COVID-19 test done. He also stated that he had since recovered from his mysterious sickness and felt much better the past two days.

“At the time it hit me, I couldn’t go. I thought I was almost dying, I was saying my last prayers,” Chapman said in the interview.

Watch the full clip below.

News of Chapman’s health scare comes just days after he celebrated his 68th birthday with his fiancée, Fancie Frane. For more on Chapman, check out the following video.