Ducklings Do The Unexpected After Mother Duck Leaps Into Water

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A group of baby ducklings had social media roaring with laughter when their mother’s sudden leap into a pond of water led the young fuzz balls to swallow their fear and hysterically do the unexpected. As the 11 ducklings waddled closely behind their mother, they were soon faced with the edge of a bridge that either called for a major U-turn or leap of faith into the chilly waters below! The babies were a bit baffled when their mother reached the edge of the wood plank, spread her wings, and glided directly onto the glistening pond.

However, these duckling weren’t one to back down from a challenge or any obstacle standing between them and their mom. After standing on the bridge’s ledge momentarily, one by one the ducks kicked off with their little feet and plopped directly into the water!

Viewers were in sorts over the incredible courage and downright adorable actions they were witnessing. Each duckling waited his/her turn before zoning in on their landing spot before adorably leaping right before their waiting mama duck! As the last of the babies reached their once intimidating destination, they all hastily flipped their flippers to the direction of their mother and darted off into the glistening sunset.

It was the final jumping duckling that had viewers chuckling with laughter, as his impulsive jump quickly transitioned into an adorable backflip that left him plopping into the water with his siblings! You can experience the hilarious moment below and be sure to tell us what you thought!