During School Shooter Lockdown, ‘Duck Dynasty’ Daughter Mia Films Class Singing Gospel Song

Caleb Kinchlow / YouTube

On Tuesday (Sep 10), the parents of West Monroe High School students received quite possibly the scariest news they will ever get – there were two gunmen on the campus.

Duck Dynasty stars Missy and Jase Robertson were two of the many parents texted, informing them of a lockdown. Their daughter Mia is a sophomore at WMHS.

According to The News Star, a teacher in Wing 3 saw two white males – one holding a clipboard, the other with a visible gun in a holster- roaming the halls. She called administration, who then called West Monroe Police Department. The school was placed on an immediate lockdown.

The police department has a substation on campus and they found the two men within a minute of being called. The men, 57-year-old Matthew Hutson and 36-year-old Theodore Herr, claimed to be with a “fugitive task force” and were looking for someone.

KNOE reports that police say the men were not recovery agent or part of any fugitive task force. Herr was armed with a .9mm pistol and thought he was helping Huston, who had a firearm in a holster, with “fugitive recovery.” He was under the impression they had a warrant for someone. Although he knew firearms aren’t allowed on school property, he was “being stupid” by concealing a firearm.

According to KNOE, Huston later changed his story, saying he was there because his girlfriend’s granddaughter was involved in drug activity and wanted to see what she looked like.

They were charged with carrying a firearm on school property, unlawful disruption of the operation of a public school, and criminal trespass. The criminal trespass charge is a misdemeanor. The other charges are felonies.

While the craziness was ensuing in the halls, Missy and Jase’s daughter Mia was in lockdown in her choir class. While they were “waiting for answers,” the choir broke out into song. Mia filmed them singing the gospel song “Great God Almighty” in the dark.

She texted the video to her parents who shared it on their social media accounts.

Missy wrote, “I now know the reality of my child texting me of gunmen on campus. I’m thankful for an amazing admin/law enforcement & have hope for an inspiring generation of Jesus followers! Mia’s friends asked, ‘Why did y’all sing?’ She said, ‘What else was there to do?!’

Jase said, “This will give you chills. Mia and her choir were under lockdown today, still unaware of the unfolding situation with two armed men on campus. The choir broke out in song, worshipping their Great God Almighty, and Mia filmed it in the dark while they waited for answers. She said, ‘Keep listening. The best part is the end.'”

Thank goodness the police were there so quickly and no one was hurt.

Listen to the chilling song below.