Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Daughter, Simone, Makes WWE History

WWE / YouTube

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s daughter, Simone Johnson, just made history in the WWE after officially making her debut becoming the company’s first fourth-generation wrestler.

Simone’s father, “The Rock,” is one of the world’s most famous WWE wrestlers and her grandfather, Rocky Johnson, was also a legend in the sport.

Her great-grandfather, Peter Maivia, is up the wrestling lineage from Rocky Johnson and her great-grandmother Lia Maivia was even one of wrestling’s first female promoters.

Simone is 21 years old, the eldest daughter of Dwayne, and made her WWE television debut on Tuesday night (Oct 25) appearing on WWE’s developmental brand NXT.

Concealing her identity under a mask, she took off the mask revealing that she will be the newest member of the Schism, a cult-like faction led by Joe Gacy.

Simone is the fourth member of the group, along with Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid and she’s going by the wrestling name, “Ava Raine.”

Dwayne Johnson spoke to Entertainment Tonight about his daughter and said that he was “very, very proud” of her.

“She’s made history [becoming WWE’s first fourth-generation wrestler]. Very, very proud of her,” he said. “She is fiercely independent. It’s very important for her to make her own way, blaze her own trail, blaze her own path. She doesn’t come to me looking for a lot, which I respect that. And I’m here watching and supporting.”

Her mother, Dany Garcia, who is the chairwoman of the XFL, also posted a tweet on Tuesday with an emotional-eyed emoji celebrating her daughter’s debut.

Watch Simone’s Debut Video Below