DWTS Judges Give Lauren Alaina Her First Score Of 30 For “Country Girl” Freestyle

Dancing with the Stars / YouTube

Going into the Season 28 finale of Dancing with the Stars, country artist Lauren Alaina was the only remaining contestant to not have a perfect score of “30” under her belt.

The “Road Less Traveled” singer was hoping to earn that coveted score for at least one of her two finale dances.

Known for making puns in her Instagram captions, Alaina wrote a punny post about her dreams of earning a perfect score on DWTS. The day before the finale she shared a photo of herself in a fancy dress and tennis shoes, writing, “I may be the only finalist who hasn’t received tens, but I do rock some TENnis shoes with my fancy dresses.”


Alaina’s first finale dance was one that viewers had previously seen. Each of the four finalists performed a past routine of theirs in the hopes of earning a better score.

In Alaina’s case, she danced her “Jolene” foxtrot from Week 4. The dance earned an original score of 32 thanks to a contribution from guest judge Leah Remini. But with her score subtracted, it only scored 24.

Alaina improved on her prior score with her finale foxtrot, earning 9s from all three judges for a total score of 27.


Although the 27 was an improvement on her Week 4 score, it still wasn’t the perfect 30 Alaina was after. At that point, her freestyle routine remained her only hope of finally earning straight 10s from the judges.

Alaina kept her freestyle true to her country roots, and danced to Luke Bryan‘s smash hit “Country Girl (Shake It for Me).” She certainly did her fair share of shaking it in the song!

You could tell that Alaina poured a wealth of energy into her last performance. Every kick, spin, and trick was done with great precision and spunk. It was so entertaining to watch!

At last, the judges rewarded Alaina for her hard work by giving her freestyle the perfect 30 she dreamed about. She was thrilled, to say the least!

You can watch Alaina’s perfect-scoring freestyle in the video below. She ended up placing in 4th, but we’re sure this freestyle made her feel like a winner!