Elk Chases Off Tourists To Protect Calves

CBS Denver / YouTube

Along Upper Bear Creek Road in Evergreen, Colorado a mother elk was spotted trying to protect her calves by chasing people away in the area.

CBS Denver / YouTube

Wildlife officials shared video footage of the elk chasing people who were jogging on a path near the road, as well as, people who were walking on the road.

“Cow elk will be exhibiting normal protective behavior of their young. You need to give wildlife extra space this time of year and be sure to keep dogs on leashes,” CPW said, according to KDVR.

Wildlife officials say that with the warmer temperatures, Evergreen Lake has become a high-traffic place for both humans and wildlife.

They also added that mother elk usually give birth during the first two weeks of June after a 245-gestation period. So right now is prime time for females to be aggressive in attempts to protect their young.

On this particular day, the mother elk was semi-aggressive with chasing people but never actually physically touching them. CPW released the video to warn the public to stay safe while in elk territory.

“If you see wildlife on a well-traveled path or trail, sometimes you need to avoid them, especially this time of year when deer, elk and elk will be protective of their newborns,” CPW said.

More Footage Below Of The Elk