Man In Party Bus Gets Beer Can To The Face After Harassing Nearby Driver

Taylor Jensen / TikTok

That’s gonna leave a mark.

Recent footage uploaded to TikTok shows a guy on one of Nashville’s famous party buses, catching a drink with his face. This particular guy seemed to have had one too many and thought it was a good idea to throw his drink into the vehicle in the next lane.

These buses are a common sighting around downtown Nashville and typically carry passengers who are looking to get wild and have a good time.

The video shows a drunk individual on the party bus, tossing his semi-full can of White Claw into the open window of a nearby car that was stopped by traffic. Taken by surprise, the unhappy recipient of the discarded beverage promptly threw it straight back, managing to hit the drunk man square in the face, knocking his glasses to the ground. Talk about karma.

The driver of the party bus quickly gets out, retrieves the glasses, and apologizes to the passenger in the car. We find out later that the man who started it all was kicked off the party bus about 10 minutes later for taking things a little too far.

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Watch the full video below.