Sadie Robertson Is “Mortified” About Nickname Her Dad May Give New Daughter Honey

Sadie Robertson Huff/Instagram

It’s been one month since Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson and her husband, Christian Huff, welcomed a baby girl. According to Sadie’s dad, Willie, the new mom is already drawing lines about the nicknames her family can use for the baby.

In a new episode of Duck Call Room, a podcast featuring the Duck Commander gang, Willie Robertson revealed that he has some interesting nicknames for his grandchildren. For instance, John Shepherd, the oldest son of John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson, has earned the nickname Smockity McSmockerton “because all he wears is smocks.”

John Luke’s newborn daughter Ella, who was born in early April, has been dubbed Floppity McFlopperton because “she just flops. She has no skeleton. She just flops over.”

But, Sadie’s newborn, Honey James Huff, is apparently the complete opposite of her cousin Ella leaving Willie in a predicament when it comes to a nickname.

“She’s different. She ain’t Floppy McFlopperton. She’s like her dad. She’s bowed up already. She’s three weeks old…she looks around…she’s got muscles,” Willie said. “[Sadie] said, ‘Dad, if you call her Honey Boo Boo it is over. Do not drop a Honey Boo Boo.’ I just wait and see the personality then determine the nickname.”

Hear Willie talk about his grandkids’ nicknames and find out the hilarious nickname he has for his new son-in-law in the video below.