Ellen DeGeneres Fills In On ‘The Voice’


She’s been a judge on American Idol before, so why not try out The Voice?!

When she was out sick in 2016, talk show host and self-proclaimed “America’s Sweetheart” Ellen DeGeneres asked The Voice coach Miley Cyrus to fill in for her. Cyrus took the job very seriously and even dressed in DeGeneres’ clothes from her clothing line!

Well a week later, DeGeneres explained that Cyrus was feeling under the weather and needed someone to fill in for her on The Voice. DeGeneres graciously accepted the challenge and also dressed like Cyrus for the occasion.

Luckily for us, DeGeneres had a never-before-seen clip from her time on the show and shared it with us! It is during the Blind Auditions while a very talented singer auditions with “Roxanne.”

It is absolutely hysterical! We won’t spoil the end for you, so make sure you watch the video below!