Elvis’ Ex, Diana Goodman, Shares Memories Of Their Relationship In Her Book

Diana Goodman McDaniel / Facebook

Elvis’ Long Line Of Love

While Elvis Presley was only on this Earth for 42 years, he got the chance to share his life with a number of beautiful women.

The most famous of Elvis’ ladies was of course, his wife Priscilla, who was married to “The King” for only a few years before they separated in 1972 and divorced in 1973.

After his separation, Elvis began dating songwriter and former Memphis beauty queen Linda Thompson.

The two were together for several years before they eventually split in 1976.

Following his split from Linda, Elvis dated and quickly became engaged to Ginger Alden.

It was Ginger who would eventually discover Elvis’ lifeless body after he passed away on August 16, 1977.

But between Linda and Ginger, Elvis dated another young woman that few people know anything about. That’s because their relationship was so short-lived that she has basically been forgotten by history.

The Forgotten Girlfriend Shares Her Story

At 25 years old, Diana Goodman was a pageant queen and the newly crowned Miss Georgia. She was also Elvis’ girlfriend.

In her book, Diana dives into the tiniest details about her relationship with Elvis. She shares how he would try to impress her by ordering everything on the menu at restaurants, and how he never wanted her to wear jeans because they reminded him of his poor upbringing.

Diana’s friend and co-author on her book, Victoria Hallman, spoke to Fox News about their relationship, saying that Diana was swept off her feet by “The King.”

She viewed him as an extremely special, loving, kind, godly man,” Victoria said. “He will always have a very, very special place in her heart.

The Intimate Details

In her book, Diana didn’t hold back from sharing all of the steamy and intimate details about her and Elvis’ love life. In one passage, she spoke about their displays of affection:

“...I’d never felt safer than right there, with Elvis holding me while I trembled…He kissed me like he wanted to eat me up…

But while their relationship certainly wasn’t lacking passion, it wasn’t meant to last. In fact, the couple was together for just a short amount of time before Elvis began seeing Ginger.

Because of this, fans of Elvis forgot about Diana long ago, perhaps because her relationship and breakup were both so sudden.

How Everything Ended

As Diana claims, Elvis decided to put a temporary halt on their relationship while he got back to his busy schedule. He sent Diana home, leaving her under the impression they would one day reunite.

But eventually, months passed and Diana hadn’t heard a thing from the man she loved. That’s when she learned that he had already moved on with Ginger:

When [Diana] was out on the road with him, she truly believed he felt that they were solid,” said Victoria. “That it was going to continue. That she was his girlfriend and it was going to lead to a forever kind of thing. That’s what she felt. But then of course very quickly it did not.

Shortly after their breakup, Elvis passed away, leaving Diana with no closure concerning their relationship. While she eventually moved on, found new love and became known as a star on Hee Haw, Victoria said her friend will never forget the “very, very special” love she shared with Elvis.

What do y’all have to think about all of this? Do you remember hearing about Diana and Elvis’ relationship before?