Simon Breaks Down In Tears On Live TV After Father’s Emotional Song

YouTube/Talent Recap

The longtime America’s Got Talent judge broke down in an emotional stream of tears during this performance by his golden-buzzer choice – and it was all captured on live television.

Michael Ketterer began his run on AGT when judge, Simon Cowell, slammed the golden buzzer following his audition that won the hearts of millions – and his amazing story of triumph where he set out to prove to his six kids that they can accomplish anything they dream of.

Michael Ketterer and his wife Ivey started with just one child, a little girl, who eventually convinced them to adopt.

“It took my daughter three years to convince us to adopt. After we went through the process of getting certified to adopt, our very first call that we got were for three little boys. I promise I’m not making this up.”

After that, they adopted two more boys – and have a big family filled with love!

Appearing on AGT was a two-piece choice for him. A pediatric mental health nurse by day, Ketterer said that he wants all his kids to know that they can achieve their dream – no matter what. Speaking about their life without a real home and family, he said: “When you’re surviving – you can’t dream.”

“And that has been one of the most rewarding things, is providing them with a home and a safe environment where they’re free to dream. I’m here because I want to show them that their dad can live out his dreams, then nothing’s impossible for them.”

Opening his performance, Simon Cowell and Tyra Banks discuss exactly why he chose Ketterer as his golden buzzer win – with Cowell saying “he’s actually just a great human being and a great singer – and I’m so excited right now.”

With that, Ketterer poured into a deeply heartfelt and earnest performance of “Us” by James Bay. His voice rang out across the venue, washing over everyone and filling the room with undeniable emotion.

By the end of his run, Simon Cowell was fighting back tears and began to reveal his thoughts on the performance – but his emotions got the best of him.

Breaking down in tears on live television, Cowell explained just how impressed he has been with Ketterer and admitted how moving each of his performances were – especially noting that there’s just “something about him” that makes him special.

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