Embarrassed Gwen Stefani Admits She Ruined Blake Shelton’s Christmas Surprise

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Blake & Gwen’s Gift-Giving Dilemma

After dating for three years, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have spent their fair share of holidays together, including Christmas. This year, the two got even more involved in the festive season by releasing a music video for their 2017 duet “You Make It Feel Like Christmas.”

The video takes on a bit of an old-school vibe, and features plenty of adorable and hilarious moments between Shelton and Stefani.

In the video, the couple cozies up next to a Christmas tree with a base overflowing with presents. But when it comes to their real-life holiday celebrations, do Shelton and Stefani chose to exchange gifts with one another?

They Agreed To Get Nothing This Year

That’s a question that Stefani answered during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kimmel was curious to know if she and Shelton buy each other presents for Christmas.

Stefani said that this year, the two of them promised they weren’t going to get each other anything. 

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

But that promise didn’t last for long. 

Stefani said that she was Black Friday shopping for some online deals, and came across a jacket she really liked. She questioned if she should buy it or not, since she thought it was still a bit expensive.

Shelton had been watching her shop the whole time, and later snuck away and bought the jacket himself. But he didn’t realize that Stefani had decided to go ahead and buy it too.

So Shelton was upset when the second jacket arrived, because he had planned to give that to her as her Christmas gift. But hey, now she has two jackets!

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Spoiling The Christmas Surprise

It turns out that Stefani didn’t have any better luck when it came to buying a Christmas present for Shelton.

Stefani admitted that Shelton is hard to buy for, since it seems like he already has everything he needs. But since he is an outdoorsy person, she knew she couldn’t go wrong buying him something he could use outside.

Knowing that he had talked about needing a leaf blower, Stefani decided that would be the perfect thing to get her man for Christmas this year. She was looking at a bunch of different models online, but just couldn’t decide which one was best.

She sent the link on to her assistant, asking if they could please look through the different leaf blowers, read the reviews, and tell her which one was the best. Little did she know, she had accidentally sent the link in a group chat that also included Shelton!

He called her out on spoiling the surprise in the most hysterical way…by saying that a leaf blower was a “perfect gift.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

It turns out that Stefani’s Christmas surprise wouldn’t have worked anyway…because Shelton got himself a leaf blower just a week prior!

Hopefully Stefani figures out something she can get Shelton for Christmas this year!

But even if she never finds the perfect gift, she’ll always have this hilarious leaf blower story to remember! Listen to her tell it by tuning in to her full interview with Kimmel below.