George Strait’s First Song In Over 2 Years Celebrates A Vibrant Tradition

George Strait / Twitter

The King of Country, George Strait has not released any new music for the past two years but there was one thing he couldn’t help but sing about…


It is no secret that the distilled agave drink has been a favorite of many country music stars – and fans. One quick Google search for “country song about tequila” and you’ll get a whole drinking playlist that will have you rushing for the salt and lime.


But Strait prefers a different kind of tequila than the ones you and your friends do shooters with on spring break in Cancun. His royal pallet is just a bit more refined…

The Código Family

In 2016, Strait invested in and publicly backed Código – a previously privately consumed tequila that was only available to select family and friends of the company. And Strait wouldn’t dare drink this stuff with salt and lime.

He told Fortune, “Back in the days when my friends and I drank tequila, it was always ‘Let’s do a shot!’ Bring out those limes and the salt and we would want to get the taste out of our mouths as fast as we could. This tequila isn’t like that. I wouldn’t think of sucking on a lime after I drank Código.”

With the praise and support of The King, Código hit commercial markets and people can’t get enough of the stuff! They have a Blanco and Reposado tequila – and even a Rosé!

Código Heritage

For years, only the most respected and fortunate could get a taste of “El Tequila Privado.” The private recipe was distilled in the town of Amatitán – just North of Guadalajara.

Nestled underneath a volcano, the rich soil is said to be some of the most fertile lands in Mexico – meaning, some darn good agave for some amazing tequila.

So when George Strait got his taste of the tequila – he knew they had something special no one else did. When a local Amatitán family decided to take the product to the market, they promised to stick to the centuries-old “Los Códigos” – or in English, “codes and customs.”

For Strait, he loved the tradition and taste. He told Fortune, “I’m an investor because I believe in the product. I think it is the best tequila.”

Your New Favorite Drink-Along Song

He loved it so much that he co-wrote a song all about it with his son, Bubba and Dean Dillon. The friends have been drinking the tequila together for years, so it just seemed right to come together for this upbeat drinking tune.

As his first song in two years, the catchy song will have you spinning around the dance floor as you swig some tequila and dream about warm days and agave-filled deserts. You can enjoy the fun-lovin’ song below and let us know what you think in the comments!