Faith Hill Finally Reveals Juicy Details About Talk Show With Kellie Pickler

Facebook/Faith Hill (Left), CMT/HNGN (Right)

Folks already love seeing Kellie Pickler on television because of her bubbly, bright personality and delightful Southern charm – and in this brand new talk show, y’all will get to see even more of her, all thanks to Faith Hill!

As the executive producer of the brand new daytime TV show called Pickler & Ben, Faith Hill is embarking on a thrilling new career venture and teaming up with one of Nashville’s brightest personalities to do so.

Debuting on September 18th as a nationwide new talk show, Pickler & Ben features none other than Kellie Pickler and well-known NBC television personality, Ben Aaron. Tweeting about the premiere and first studio taping today, Hill expressed how thrilled she was to launch this new show and invited everyone to grab tickets and be a part of the audience for a rehearsal or a show!

According to the new website for the show, these two prime time TV stars will be taking on projects helping people overcome various lifestyle problems, sharing favorite how-tos, exploring unbelievably delicious recipes, and spilling the beans on DIY and decorating hacks.

Right now, the show is seeking a variety of people to be on the show for segments that cover kitchen redesign, finding the ‘most-talented’ grandma in America, organizing a messy home, a contest for the ‘ugliest room’ in America, and – of course, favorite family recipes.

If you’ve ever wanted to be featured on a television show, or are going to be in the Nashville area, now is the time to get tickets or submit your project to the show’s producers!

Check out this video below of Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron at the Tennessee Titan’s training camp doing a feature and promo for their new show.

Will you be watching Pickler & Ben when it airs on September 18th, 2017? Let us know in the comments!