Teenage Kellie Pickler Eats Escargot & Her Reaction Is Too Funny

theytrebel / YouTube

The world first fell in love with the hilarious and humble spirit that is Kellie Pickler following her emotionally-charged audition on Season 5 of American Idol. First charming the socks off the judges with her adorable personality and wit, the North Carolina-native had the nation wrapped around her finger the moment she began to sing.

It didn’t take too long for America to be captured under her spell, her quirky antics and southern charm quickly becoming fans’ favorite aspect of the season. After the producers of Idol caught wind the small town girl had yet to properly educate herself on gourmet cuisine, they decided to show Pickler the finer things in life.

“I’m a little nervous about eating out and not knowing what I’m doing,” admitted Pickler to world renowned chef, Wolfgang Puck.

The five-star chef then went on to present the country singer with escargot, Pickler highly resistant against trying the fine French cuisine. After some coaxing, Puck manages to get her to try a single bite of the buttery treat. After choking on the thought of having a snail in her mouth, Pickler spits the escargot into a napkin and tosses it behind her before saying, “Wow! That was so good.”

While she ended up only placing sixth in the competition, the singer has managed to stay in the spotlight through her massive talent and quirky antics.

You can watch Kellie Pickler hysterically try out the finer things in life below!