Famed ‘Spaghetti Western’ Star Dies At 86


The beloved actor and filmmaker has died at the age of 86 on Monday (June 27).

Born Carlo Pedersoli in Naples, Italy, the Italian icon was best known in the 60s and 70s for his roles in spaghetti westerns and comedies. He quickly became a household name and is best known as Bud Spencer. This adopted name was inspired by his love for Budweiser and actor Spencer Tracy, hence Bud Spencer.

“My father died peacefully at 6.15pm and did not suffer from pain. His last words were ‘Thank you’,” Spencer’s son said in a statement.

Spencer’s official Facebook page also released a statement:

His first major success was the 1971 western, They Call Me Trinity, which he starred in alongside Terence Hill, who was a longtime film partner. They worked together on over 20 films.

Spencer wasn’t just a talented actor, but also spent much of his youth swimming professionally. He won a Silver Medal in the 1951 Mediterranean Games and was a participant in the 1951 Summer Olympics. He was also a water polo player.

He married Maria Amato in 1960 and has three children.

Our hearts go out to his family and all those who found enjoyment in his memorable films.