Keith Urban Reveals Wedding Anniversary Plans Were Ruined – See The Reason Why

Ten years of marriage is a big deal!

When Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman found out he would be playing a show in Boston, they decided to make a weekend out of it! The plan was for her to come to the show and they would hang out in Boston the next day.

She has been shooting a film in their home country of Australia, and was scheduled to wrap last month. They got word that the movie was actually going to be filmed in June in Australia, which ruined their anniversary plans in Boston.

On the night of their anniversary, Urban stood on stage in Boston and told this story to the crowd, who were holding up “Happy 10th Anniversary, Keith and Nicole” signs.

As disappointed as he sounded, he looked like he had something up his sleeve.

“So, after the gig tonight,” he says. “I’m flying to Australia to celebrate our anniversary.”

The crowd went wild! Obviously these people love love!

He went on to tell the story of how he and Kidman met, and he showed pictures from that night. They met at an event called G’Day LA, a Hollywood event honoring Australians.

Their first photo was taken just a few minutes after they met and the rest is history!

“Nic and I got along really well and the next thing that happened was, we got married!” he said, accompanied by a picture of Kidman on their wedding day.

Just as a photo of their daughters appear on the big screen, he says, “Next up, these guys come along. The most beautiful gifts.”

He ended the montage with a sweet picture of his family of four, followed by a romantic photo of the couple.

“It all started with this beautiful girl right here. Changed my life,” he said.

We aren’t sure if his flight to Australis is a surprise or not, but we’re sure Kidman will love spending her anniversary with Urban!

Watch the video below.