Family Finds Deadly Brown Snake Under Their Back Porch

WILD / Facebook

Professional snake handler Kane from South-Western Sydney, Australia was called to the scene after a family spotted a gigantic Eastern brown snake underneath their back porch.

The family first noticed the snake after their dog started barking at it through the cracks of the porch. Once the family began to investigate, that’s when they spotted the silvery-brown scales moving underneath the porch and they immediately called a professional snake catcher.

WILD / Facebook

Kane showed up shortly after and filmed the video you’re about to see below. The video showed the snake shooting out from underneath the porch and taking off towards the garden.

“This is one of the most dangerous snakes I have handled. It was big, strong, unruly and dangerously venomous,” Kane said, according to WILD.

He went to grab it but it slithered behind a bush and tried to escape along the side of a fence. Kane ran around the bush and grabbed it by the tail and very carefully brought the snake out into the open. As he stood back trying not to get bitten, he carefully placed the snake into a bag to transport it away from the family’s property.

Watch Footage Of The Snake Capture Below