Family Of 3 Hits & Kills Bear With Their Car

Faceboook / April Buckland

Just over a week after a nearly 400-pound black bear had been seen wandering around West Point, Kentucky, the local police department and the state fish and wildlife service are reporting that the animal has been killed after getting struck by a family of three on the highway.

According to a Facebook post by local publication The Meade County Messenger & MCKY News, there had been spotting of the bear recently in the area and he had been seen going through folks’ garbage bins.

Now, the Muldraugh Police Department has reported that the bear was killed in a collision with a high-speed vehicle on Highway 31-W in Muldraugh. Inside the vehicle was a family of three who escaped the scene uninjured. Their vehicle sustained significant front-end damage.

The crash occurred around 10 p.m. local time, according to Officer Tim Childs’ statement to WDRB News.

The Muldraugh Police Department also supplied some images of the bear to WDRB which some viewers may find graphic or disturbing.

To view the images of the bear, please click here.