Fan Ignites Feud With Natalie Maines Aboard Flight

While aboard a United Airlines flight with her son, the frontwoman of the Dixie Chicks got into a confrontation with both the airline and a fan after they chose to re-seat her son.

…your policy on downgrading my minor child because you oversold your flight is complete crap,” Natalie Maines said on Twitter, slamming the airline.

The problem arose because the airline had over-sold her flight. Maines had purchased two First Class tickets for both her and her son.

When the airline was re-configuring the seating details to accommodate as many passengers as possible, they removed her son from First Class and downgraded him to coach, but according to Maines, wouldn’t allow her to change the seating so they could sit together.

All of the issues arose from a loving mother not wanting her young son to have to be alone on their flight they were supposed to take together. She decided to direct her frustrations at the airlines to communicate the issues aboard her flight, but then a fan chose to begin critiquing Maines’ parenting.

Maines politely responded to her follower letting him know why that wasn’t an option aboard the flight, but it didn’t do much to quell “Victor’s” frustration.

The two being exchanging messages that only escalated things further, with Maines defending her situation and Victor claiming her choices were wrong. Finally, Maines ends the Twitter feud with a very blunt tweet.  

After that, there are a few formalities exchanged in the form of passive-aggressive well wishes, and the conversation dies off. As for what happened between Maines and United?

Well, those two worked out that it was a matter of principle (not money) and the airline recommended she call their customer care line….so we might never know what truly happens unless United issues a policy change.

Watch Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks sing their famous song, “Not Ready To Make Nice” in the video below!