FedEx Driver Stops His Truck To Pick Up & Fold A Fallen American Flag

Rick Guerino Jr. / Facebook

On February 7th, 2020 the world got to witness a patriotic and honorable act when Rick Guerino Jr. posted a video to his Facebook showing a FedEx driver picking up and folding his downed American flag.

The flag was laying on the ground in Rick’s front yard due to his flag pole falling over. FedEx driver, Chris Oslovich, from Bayville, New Jersey was parked on the other side of the road delivering packages when he noticed the fallen flag and decided to walk over to it.

He stopped in front of it and bent down to unhook the flag from the pole. It was a windy day and appeared it had rained the night before so he gave the flag a good shake to get the water and dirt off. Chris then proceeded to fight through the wind to fold it properly and put it onto Rick’s porch.

No one was around to see it, however, everything was captured on Rick’s doorbell security camera system and when he posted it to Facebook Chris got showered with the appreciation he deserved. Since Rick posted the video it has gotten over 300 thousand views, thousands of shares and hundreds of people commenting on it.

One lady commented on Chris’s patrotism saying, “As someone who has received a folded flag, it brought me to tears to see his respect for this flag when “no one “ was watching! Thank you from a grateful Army Widow.” 

Watch The Patriotic Man Fold The Stranger’s Flag Below