Find Out What Kelly Clarkson Said On Stage That Her Husband Was Not Happy About

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Kelly Clarkson is never afraid to speak her mind, whether it be on social media or in person in front of her thousands of fans at a concert. While her fans admire her for being so straightforward and honest, one thing that Clarkson said on stage last year made her husband less than happy.

Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, married on October 20, 2013 after a little over a year together. Blackstock has two children from his previous marriage and shares two children with Clarkson, two-year-old River Rose and seven-month-old Remington Alexander.

Neither pregnancy was easy for Clarkson, and she had an especially rough time while she was pregnant with her son. She and Blackstock have since decided that they are done having children, with Clarkson telling Access Hollywood, “I would die if I had to do it again. It was horrible.”

As Clarkson revealed in a new interview with Tyler Oakley for The Ellen Show, one of the worst things she had to deal with while she was pregnant with Remington were her uncontrollable emotions. In fact, those pregnancy emotions are what led to her announcing her pregnancy during a concert in Los Angeles in the summer of 2015.

Oakley was actually at that performance, and remarked on how surprising Clarkson’s announcement was. She revealed that although it felt right in the moment, it got her in trouble with her husband later!

My husband was like, ‘You can seriously not keep anything in,’ cause we hadn’t told our whole family,” she confessed. “And I just thought, these people are going to think I’m crazy because I’m so emotional.

Obviously Blackstock ended up forgiving Clarkson, and we’re sure they laugh about her unplanned pregnancy reveal now!

Go ahead and watch the rest of Clarkson’s entertaining interview with Oakley below. In addition to their interview, they also play around with Snapchat filters, and Clarkson shows off a spot-on impression of Steven Tyler!