Firemen Rescue Toddler Trapped Inside Antique Wooden Barrel

Kelly Strubing / Facebook

2-year-old, Dorian Strubing landed a visit to the emergency room after he got stuck in an antique wooden barrel during a visit with his grandparents.

Evidently, curiosity had overcome young Dorian and he climbed into the barrel feet first and became wedged inside.

The incident happened Saturday, May 1, 2021, near Portland, Tennessee.

Sumner County Emergency Medical Services and the Portland Fire Department worked with hospital staff to free the boy. X-rays were taken to determine where his hips, knees, and feet were inside the barrel. His arms, shoulders, and head stuck out from the top of the barrel, which allowed him to hold on to a teddy bear while the trauma unfolded.

According to ABC news, fire rescuers and medical staff used a power saw and screwdrivers to extract the toddler from the wooden barrel by cutting some wood from the bottom of the barrel and then chipping away at the top opening to make a hole big enough for his feet to fit through. They were then able to pull him through the top of the barrel once his legs were straightened.

The workers who helped free Dorian signed the wooden barrel as a souvenir from his first trip to the emergency room. Thankfully, he didn’t sustain any injuries while trapped and even scored a popsicle for being brave.

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