Man In Porta-Potty Hospitalized After Tree Falls On Him

Joe Robinson / Facebook

Joe Robinson, assistant chief of the Barlow Volunteer Fire Department shared a few photos on Facebook of an incident of a tree falling on a man using a porta-potty. To add to it, it happened at the historic site of the Gettysburg battlefield in Pennsylvania.

Joe said that his team got the call for a rescue assignment on Little Round Top off Wheatfield Rd and they all drove out to the location to help.

As they arrived, the team found a car that had its hood crushed by a very large tree that had fallen over. Also crushed in the tree’s path was a porta-potty with a man trapped inside screaming for help.

Joe wrote on the Barlow Volunteer Fire Department Facebook page, “Arrived to find one male subject trapped in the porta-potty.”

“He was very lucky,” Joe added, according to Insider. “This is definitely something I have never seen before. It was a large tree, and it just missed striking him. It could have been very serious.”

Police treated the incident as if it was a car crash and used a saw to cut a hole in the porta-potty to pull the man out. After that, he was then taken to the Gettysburg Hospital by ambulance to receive medical treatment. Doctors said he had injuries but they were not considered life-threatening.