Fish Falls From Sky & Crashes Into Trucker’s Windshield

FOX 46 Charlotte / YouTube

A truck driver driving for Ward Transport was recently making his way through Charlotte, North Carolina when his dashcam filmed a bird dropping a fish onto his windshield.

“One of our Charlotte drivers verifies that when driving a truck, you must be prepared for anything!” Ward Transport tweeted.

FOX 46 Charlotte / YouTube

The footage was truly something rarely caught on camera. It showed the driver going 63mph as he approached a bridge. The bridge was was only a few hundred feet long but as he was making his way across it, a bird was spotted by the dashcam flying up from the river below.

As the driver got closer, you could see the bird had a fish in its talons, however, the bird was flying very low and the truck was moving very quickly towards them. In order to preserve its own life, the bird let go of the fish so it could fly high enough to get out of the way of the truck.

FOX 46 Charlotte / YouTube

The fish fell from the sky landed directly in the middle of the truck driver’s windshield. With a blurry windshield now from the hit, he instantly pulls over to the side of the road and called it in to report what had happened. The driver was not hurt during the incident and we can imagine the bird probably flew back later to find its lunch.

Watch Bird Drop Fish On Truck Driver’s Windshield Below