Fisherman Catches Fish With Snake Inside Its Mouth

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency / Facebook

On October 17th, 2020, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency shared a photo on Facebook of a largemouth bass with a snake inside its mouth to warn the public.

“It’s almost Halloween and it looks like the year 2020 is at it again.” Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wrote on Facebook. “Be careful when you reach your hand in a fish’s mouth! You never know what might be in there.”

Dan Boudrie, a follower of the wildlife Facebook page was originally the one who captured the fish and took the picture of it. He expressed how he could have ended up at the hospital because right before he took the picture of the snake inside the fish’s mouth, the snake’s head was pointed straight up and could have easily bit him.

“The head was looking at me right before I took this picture,” Dan said about the image. “I thought it was cool but wondered how I would explain to an ER doc that I got bit by a snake from putting my fingers in a fish’s mouth.” 

So for the fishermen and fisher-ladies out there on the water this season, make sure you look into the fish’s mouth before you stick your fingers down in there.