Fisherman Reels In 60-Pound Catfish, Says It Broke Multiple Scales

photo credit: Facebook / WBFF FOX 45

Man Reels In 60 Pound Flathead Catfish

In Lawton, Oklahoma a man named George Washington reeled in monstrous 60-pound, 4-foot Flathead catfish at East Cache Creek near Lake Ellsworth. The fish was so massive it broke multiple scales in attempts to measure it.

“I put it on a 50-pound scale and it broke. So I went and put it on the ice dock, and that one messed up. Then I tried a floor scale and that one malfunctioned as well. I’m searching for the monsters, that’s what I fish for. So that’s my goal,” George  told KSWO.

George says he goes to the rivers and creeks about 4-5 times a week trying to catch “lake monsters” and after many nights of fishing, he feels he’s finally done it. The battle took about 20 minutes and he almost beat the Oklahoma state record.

Official Record For Largest Flathead Catfish

The official record for catching the largest Flathead fish in Oklahoma is 78 pounds caught by Richard Williams in 2010 so he didn’t beat the state record, but man did he come close.

A lady recorded him reeling in the monster late at night and later he posted the video to his YouTube channel where everyone can see it. He pulls the catfish out of the water around 4 minutes and 30 seconds into the video. Congratulations on the catch George!