Mom Dresses 2-Year-Old Up As Popeyes Chicken Sandwich For Halloween

photo credit: Instagram / nathanb_andmommy

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Costume

Adorable 2-year-old Nathan Cummings makes headlines in USA TODAY and many other major outlets by wearing a custom-made Halloween costume of a Popeyes chicken sandwich that’s about to be released.

The Genius Behind The Costume

Popeyes said they will be releasing the extremely popular chicken sandwich on November 3rd for a limited amount of time¬†which may have played a roll in the reason why this toddler’s getting so much media attention.

The genius behind this is Nathan’s momma, Nidra Cummings, who handcrafted the costume and also dressed herself up as Popeyes spokeswoman Annie. The pair took several pictures together and Nidra posted them to their joint Instagram account saying, “The chicken sandwich is BACK!!!?????????.”

What The Costume Is Made Out Of

Nidra told USA TODAY she made Nathan’s costume out of an actual Popeyes chicken sandwich box, some felt fabric that she bought at a crafts store and a t-shirt from Target that she covered in corn flakes to give it that crispy-chicken-look.

“I wanted something to match my son’s personality,” Nidra told USA TODAY.

She chose the costume because her son loves snacks and eating and at first, she was going to make him into a pizza but didn’t pursue that because wanted to do something more special. So she got the bright idea to create the mommy-and-me Popeyes costumes.

That definitely was a good choice and right on time for the Popeyes promotion because since posting the pictures, they have been reshared by many media outlets including the 16.7 million followers Instagram page theshaderoom which received over 300 thousand likes for their picture.

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