Fisherman Shares His Secret Technique For Reviving A Fish

WooGlobe / YouTube

A fisherman casting his line out on the waters in Yuma, Arizona shared his secret technique for reviving a fish for if you’re ever in a situation where you return a fish back into the water and it bellies up, lifeless.

First off, let’s get one thing straight, no one likes it when they go to release their freshly caught fish and it goes belly up in the water, not moving.

When in this situation, some people try to move the fish in the water with their hands to run water through its gills, and sometimes that works, bringing the fish back to life.

However, if that does not work, this young fisherman has a nifty little trick anyone can do to get the fish breathing again–and it’s called CPR.

“Ughhh, I hate when this happens. Alright guys, let me show you a trick and technique to bring a fish back to life,” the fisherman in the video said.

That’s right, the fisherman in the video reaches down in the water, grabs the lifeless Striped Bass, and uses his fingers to close off its gills, while at the same time, he went mouth to mouth with the creature and blew air down its throat.

Like magic, the fish flipped its tail and he placed it back in the water where it promptly swam back off back into the deep.

“You guys ain’t know that huh, it’s a little dirty but it works,” the man said after showing off his secret technique.

The fisherman added, “When I was a kid, about 10, I had seen this CPR technique, I can’t remember where, unfortunately, but it stuck with me and on the next fishing adventure I for sure had to try this. Well, needless to say, It worked. I’ve saved thousands of fish using this technique since then. Now I’m 24 and I got to show the world how to save many more fish lives.”

Watch Footage Of The Man Giving CPR To The Fish Below