Florida Gator Smokes From Mouth After Snatching Drone From Sky

@devhlanger / TikTok

TikToker Devhlanger shared a video on TikTok showing a drone getting eaten by an alligator that it mistakenly was flying too close to.

The video showed a small drone hovering above the alligator that was mostly submerged in a watery swamp. It was hovering only a couple of feet above the creature’s head filming it and getting a beautiful up-close shot when it began to lose its lift and started to fall.

Devhlanger tried to fly it away from the gator but the gator was too quick. It lunged out of the water and with its mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, it captured the drone with a bite.

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At this point, the gator attempted to eat it and when it chomped down on the electronic’s battery, it malfunctioned and produced a cloud of white smoke. That was the end of the drone.

“Oh my god, he’s eating it,” a person in the video can be heard saying.

@devhlangerPart 2 of alligator eating my drone #FYP #Everglades #Drone #Gators #FloridaMan♬ original sound – Devhlanger

Some people in the comments of the video criticized Devhlanger for letting her drone get ingested by the gator but she says it was a pure accident.

They also noted how it is illegal to fly drones in the Everglades National Park, but she claimed that the incident took place outside the park.

“This is outside a national park…this is on a tour…I’m clearly filming the drone x flying the drone…[it was] accidental…direct your anger towards alligator farms,” The Hill reproted her saying.

Watch Combined Footage Of The Gator Eating Drone Below