Footage Captures Gator Slamming Python Before Devouring It

Everglades Holiday Park / Facebook

Katina Boychew’s video of an alligator devouring a python in the Florida Everglades has gone viral on social media and you’re about to see why.

The clip shows the alligator in the marshland chomping down on the snake’s limp and probably lifeless body before body-slamming its prey.

Boychew shared the video on Facebook with the caption “Gator vs python,” where some of her viewers expressed their dislike for snakes and cheered for the alligator.

Other outlets later reshared the video, where it received even more attention.

Watch the video below to see the gator chomp down on the reptile.

Florida faces a challenge with invasive, non-native species such as pythons, which harm the natural ecosystem of the Everglades.

The presence of pythons has resulted in a decline in the population of many species, including birds, mammals, and reptiles.

Fortunately, alligators prey on pythons, which can help to control the python population and reduce their impact on native wildlife.

Alligators are certainly one of the top predators in Florida and are better adapted to the environment than invasive pythons. Therefore, their ability to prey on pythons does help in a small way to restore balance to the ecosystem.

The state of Florida has also taken measures to control the python population by introducing initiatives such as the Florida Python Challenge, an event that seeks assistance from volunteers to extract these reptiles and preserve the habitat of indigenous species.

Watch Footage Of The 2022 Florida Python Challenge Winner Below