Former President George W. Bush Shares New Photos With First Grandson

George W. Bush / Instagram

On Friday (August 2), TODAY co-anchor Jenna Bush Hager and her husband, Henry Hager, welcomed their third child. Jenna gave birth to a baby boy, their first son.

Jenna and Henry have two daughters, Mila, age six, and Poppy, age four. So their little baby boy isn’t just their first son, but is also the first grandson in the Bush family!

Jenna’s father, former President George W. Bush, and her mother, Laura, came to the hospital to visit their firstborn grandson after his birth. Jenna shared many photos following that happy day, including one in a slideshow that shows her parents with all three of their grandkids. Their smiles in the photo say it all!

You can see that cute family photo by scrolling through the below slideshow.

Later, President Bush took to Instagram to also share the happy news of his first grandson’s arrival. He posted a different photo than the one Jenna shared, but it still shows the whole family gathered round with big smiles on their faces.

In addition, President Bush also shared a photo that shows just him and Laura with baby Henry, or “Hal” for short. Laura can be seen holding her grandson while President Bush looks on.

His joy could be felt in the caption he wrote to accompany the photos, which read in part, “We thank God that mom and baby are healthy, and we look forward to many years of loving the boy known as Hal.”

We’re sure many of you expected that Jenna and Henry would name their baby boy “George,” since both Jenna’s father and grandfather carried that name. But even though they did not choose George as their son’s name, they still kept both his first and middle monikers in the family.

“Henry” is obviously in honor of his father, who is also named after his father. As for “Harold,” that’s in honor of Jenna’s maternal grandfather, who never got the chance to pass the name along himself.

While speaking with USA Today, Jenna joked, “My dad was a little mad that the name wasn’t George.” But she made it clear he approves of the name they chose, saying, “He said it was a cool name.”

You can learn more about Jenna’s first son and President Bush’s first grandson by tuning in to the clip below. Congratulations to the entire family!