Walmart Yodeling Kid Releases First Original Song


While other kids were participating in potty-training, Mason Ramsey was testing out his vocal chords. Ramsey, the pint-sized yodeler and country singer who began entertaining anyone who would listen at the tender age of three, has seemingly skyrocketed over night. Believe it or not, he released his debut single at midnight last night (April 27).

Discovered On The Mattress Aisle Of A Walmart

The title of the song, “Famous” couldn’t be more appropriate. The 11-year-old singer got his unlikely start on the mattress aisle of a Walmart, and the rest, folks, is history.

With a nod to country icon, Hank Williams, Mason kicked out “Lovesick Blues” and struck a chord with his makeshift audience. For those who just stopped by to pick up some detergent and and a box of sugar-free cereal, they got the surprise of their lives.

Meet The Yodeling Kid

Ramsey quickly became known as the “Walmart yodel boy” and the “yodeling kid” after his performance at the Harrisburg, Illinois discount retailer went viral. As it turned out, his first performance would be only one of many. He went right from the mattress aisle to the big stage and land of hot lights. So much for recess, boys and girls, this kid has gone prime time.

Since his Walmart yodeling debut, the miniature musician with the big voice has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, Coachella and at Stagecoach. Really, what’s next?

A Bow Tie and A Tappin’ Foot

Mason’s tapping foot and notable red bowtie pull the young crooner’s image together. Now, with thousands of followers, he’s got a record deal, a new song and true to the song’s title, he’s famous. And, he’s singing about romance, the

Sit back and listen to this kid who hit it big in the most unlikely of places. What do you think of “Famous?” Does it make you want to go to your nearest big box store and belt out your favorite song?

It could happen to you, too, my friend. You could be famous!