Furious Danica Patrick Unleashes After Track Incident


Her fury was heard loud and clear this last Sunday when she slammed Kyle Busch with a harsh generalization that really falls into a danger of racing.

As part of the chatter between drivers and their crew, Fox Sports puts together some of the best or most notable clips from races for a series they call “Radioactive”. They include the chatter clips and video segments that pair up with what the drivers/crew are talking about over comms.

It was during the race Sunday that Danica Patrick popped off about Kyle Busch coming into contact with her just before entering a turn…and she had some choice words for her fellow drivers.

“He just hit me!” She fumed into her radio. “That’s all these f***ers do.

Danica was on the outside when Busch came up close to her and forced an impact with their cars at the front side.

Busch’s spotter came across the comms with an interesting statement, “See if you can get any pictures there…She chopped us.” 

At that point – it was on for her! She and her spotter decided to put him into the fence after that, and she still placed 18th at New Hampshire which improved her standing.

Check out the full clip below for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments!