Garth Brooks Fans Furious After Game Show Contestants Confuse Icon For Fellow Singer

ABC Match Game (Left)/(Right)

Garth Brooks‘ devoted fans were not too pleased when the contestants of one hit game show were not only confused by who the icon was, but they mistook the legend’s career for that of another country star. While on ABC’s Match Game, hosted by longtime actor Alec Baldwin, a handful of celebrities partook in the game’s simple, yet challenging competition. Two contestants are placed before the stars, as the point of the game is for the celebrities to hear a phrase with a blank word and correctly fill the empty section with the same word that their designated contestant has chosen.

However, things took a turn when Baldwin asked the players of the game a question pertaining to Brooks. He read, “Country superstar Garth Brooks tried out for the olympic gymnastics team.” The audience began to giggle as the host added, “This is a fantastic question!” He continued, “He [Brooks] took a bad fall and now he’s got ‘blanks’ in low places.” As the contestant wrote down her answer, the celebrity panel seemed puzzled by the phase. “You [bleep] idiots… You’re not filling out your college applications here, people,” Baldwin joked, while poking fun at actress Jenna Fischer.

Actor and comedian Jay Pharoah had a difficult time locking in his response, causing the audience to loudly boo as he admitted, Billy Ray Cyrus and [Brooks], I mix them up!” However, the boos were far from over as the contestant and stars shared their responses to the missing link in the comical phrase. “We’re looking for ‘aches’,” Baldwin told Fischer, hoping her word would match her partners. “Yeah, because he sings ‘Achy Breaky Heart’, right?” The star panel immediately yelled, “No” towards the actress as the audience let out their sound of disapproval. Although the actress did match the correct answer with her contestants, it was definitely a painful night for country music fans!

You can watch the flub below!