Garth Brooks Fights Back Tears As He Remembers Daughter’s Wedding

Garth Brooks / Facebook

Garth Brooks may be one of the all-time greatest country stars, but he treasures his role as a father more than anything else. Garth has three daughters with his first wife, Sandy Mahl: Taylor, August, and Allie. In July 2013, Garth added the title “grandpa” to his resume when August and her boyfriend, Chance Russell, welcomed their first child together, a daughter they named Karalyn.

Nearly four years after the birth of their daughter, August and Chance tied the knot on May 21, 2017, according to some online wedding registries for the couple. Garth looked back on the wedding during his latest Inside Studio G video on Facebook.

One fan had sent in a tweet asking Garth about the daddy-daughter dance that he shared with August at her wedding. The fan wanted to know if Garth cried during the dance and if anyone took a video of the special moment.

In regard to the latter question, Garth said that there is a video out there of the daddy-daughter dance. However, it seems like he’s choosing to keep that private for now.

But Garth didn’t hold anything back when it came to his emotions surrounding the daddy-daughter dance. He began tearing up as soon as he started talking about the dance, but revealed that he wasn’t that emotional during the actual moment.

I was the stone guy,” he said. “It was awesome. Everyone else was crying their eyes out. Not the G-man. My wife [Trisha Yearwood] said, ‘I can’t believe this.’ It was fabulous.

One thing that made the whole experience all the more meaningful was the fact that August picked a special song for the dance in hopes of surprising her dad. The song she chose was “Nobody Else but You,” which comes from the Disney film A Goofy Movie.

We watched this movie together as 3-year-old baby and dad…We watched it when she was in high school,” he said. “When it came on, I thought, you couldn’t have picked a better song for me. Enjoyed every second of the dance.

August wasn’t the only one with a surprise in store that day. After they danced to “Nobody Else but You,” Garth surprised his daughter by playing another song for them to dance to…Trisha’s version of “How Do I Live.”

Watching Garth in his Studio G session, you can tell that he is one proud papa. You can listen to him talk more about the wedding in the clip below. He starts discussing their daddy-daughter dance around the six minute mark.

Congratulations to August and Chance on their marriage! We wish them many years of happiness together!