79-Year-Old Grandma’s First Keg Stand Caught On Camera

Madison Rae Twitter

There’s a first time for everything, as this 79-year-old grandma discovered when she opted into doing her first ever keg stand! The story sent viewers in a tizzy, applauding the fearless woman for grabbing life by the horns and refusing to miss out on an intoxicating memory she is sure to (hopefully) never forget! Muriel Holshevnikoff was attending her grandson’s graduation party when she began to observe the younger crowd participating in a keg stand and having the time of their lives.

Fortunately, you’re never too old to walk on the wild side of adventure, prompting Muriel to seize her opportunity and partake in her first keg stand! Realizing this was a moment one must see to believe, observers snapped photos of the uncanny moment and posted them to social media to praise the woman that just might be the coolest grandma in the world! The epic photo shows the grandma being lifted into a handstand position over the keg by two boys, smiling and cheering on the woman as she became just one of the kids!



Muriel’s granddaughter spoke to Buzzfeed about the moment that has since gained mass internet attention, admitting, “Someone called her the GOAT (greatest of all time) and we explained what it meant and now she keeps saying ‘I wanna be a GOAT’.” She added, “She’s always been the type of grandma to hang out with all of the grandkids and make us laugh.” 

We sure envy this tenacious woman! Have you ever had a family member jump at the opportunity to experience a keg stand?