Gator With Dead Coyote In Mouth Swims Past Tourists

@cmillerusa / TikTok

Airboat tour captain, Chris Miller, from Florida was boating through the swamps with a full group of tourists when he spotted and filmed an alligator swimming with a coyote in its mouth.

@cmillerusa / TikTok

The video starts out showing a big gator head popping up out of the water to investigate the tourist boat floating past it. The gator had the bloody body of an adult coyote in its mouth and appeared to be feasting before it was interrupted.

“A dinosaur,” one woman says in the TikTok video as she sees the gator and scrambles to get her phone and film it.

As it now could see what the noise was, it quickly darted back under the water and swam with its meal hanging out of its mouth along the side of the boat.

@cmillerusa / TikTok

At first, they didn’t know what the gator had in its mouth and their thoughts were leaning towards maybe it being a deer. However, as they got closer and passed by, Chris could get a good view of it and confirmed that it was, indeed, a coyote.

Everyone gasped as the beast disappeared into the murky deepChris, who indicates that he works for the company Spirit of the Swamp, based in Kissimmee, Florida, shared the video to his TikTok and you can watch it below.

Gator Swims Past Tourists With Dead Coyote Video Below