Girl Sends Selfie To Friends Not Knowing There’s A Spider In Her Hoodie

Twitter / Olivia Nunn / Grace Graham

Olivia Nunn, from Middlesborough, England was enjoying a night out one weekend with her friend Grace Graham and their other girlfriends drinking, taking pictures and living life to the fullest. The next morning Olivia was really hungover from the alcohol and took a picture of herself and sent it to a group chat with all the girls in it to show them how hungover she was.

Little did Olivia know though there was another living being in the picture with her and it wasn’t a human. It was a big black spider just chilling inside of Olivia’s hoodie about 2 inches from her eye. Olivia never noticed the spider but her friend Grace sure did.

Grace told her friend what she saw and they both couldn’t believe it. It was scary to see but the girls just laughed about it because Olivia was never bitten and thankfully god she didn’t have the hoodie on anymore. Grace later posted the picture to her Twitter account where everyone could see and commented, “There’s a spider just chilling in her hood.”

The photo was posted on February 3rd, 2020 and has already been retweeted more than 3.8 thousand times and liked more than 47.9 thousand times. As far as what kind of spider it is, it kind of looks like a false widow spider which is very common in England.

These spiders are not super venomous but will feel like a bee or wasp sting if stung by one. However, this is the only picture we have of the spider and it’s hard to tell what the real identity of the spider is. Olivia’s probably just happy she didn’t experience a spider bite or sting and can look back and laugh with her friends about it.