Goat’s Loud Fart Scares Little Boy, Sends Him Screaming

SunnyZ Youtube

One little boy was given the scare of a lifetime when his endeavor of mustering up the courage to interact with a large goat left him jumping in fear! Little Asher bit the bullet and decided to make friends with a scruffy goat at a petting zoo. Sporting a red long sleeved shirt and manning a hand held brush, the little boy cautiously groomed the farm animal as a woman recorded what was expected to be an adorable memory.

“There you go, Asher,” she encouraged as the little boy calmly eased his way into comfort with the goat. However, this experience took a hilarious turn when the goat suffered from a common bodily function. Breaking from his statue-like state, the goat let out a massive fart that brought little Asher to new levels of fear. As the animal shook, the young boy immediately jumped back and before screaming at the top of his lungs.

Although only five seconds long, the short clip packed a powerful amount of comedy that had viewers in tears of laughter. Petting zoo goers were also in a fit of laughs from Asher’s candid response to the gassy scare. It was all in good fun, though, as the little boy was merely frightened above all else.

Little Asher ran to a nearby adult for comfort while we’re sure these bystanders had quite a difficult time collecting themselves. You can experience the hilarious moment by clicking the video below and be sure to tell us how hard this clip had you laughing!