Gwen Chokes Back Tears As She Publicly Credits Blake For Bringing Her Back To Life

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been one of the most discussed celebrity couples since their public relationship announcement upon both of their previous marriages finalizing in divorce. The singers have essentially become inseparable and dote on the other at any given opportunity. So, when Stefani was honored as one of Glamour’s 2016 Women Of The Year, Shelton’s name was bound to make an appearance in his girlfriend’s speech.

Following a heartwarming clip capturing Stefani’s childhood and adolescent stories, the singer was called up to humbly accept her award, using this opportunity to address a few lucky little fans with some inspiration. “I never thought I would touch anyone’s lives or make an impact in any way, so you could be next. You never know,” the singer admitted as she directly pointed to the young girls.

Stefani went on to recap her night to the audience, explaining that her limo ride to the event was filled with questions of “What happened to me?” and “How did I get here?” She went on to thank her parents for instilling what she called a “seed” of faith, allowing her to overcome the toughest of situations, which the singer claims she experienced a year and a half ago.

“I was so low that I didn’t think there was any way that I could pick myself back up, but I just remembered that God gave me a gift and I just wanted to use that gift again so badly… And I just want to say thank you to my parents for giving me that gift of faith, I want to say thank you to everyone that’s ever listened to my music…, to my children…, to Blake Shelton for kissing me back to life. Thank you so much. I’m blown away.”

The camera panned to Shelton who was sitting in the crowd with a beaming smile on his face, no doubt put there by his incredible girlfriend.

“Thank you so much for honoring me… I am just a girl,”  the singer said as she closed her speech.

What did you think of her public credit to Shelton? Watch the video below for the full speech!