Gwen Pranks Blake By Putting John Legend’s “Sexiest Man Alive” Picture On His Trailer

Gwen Stefani / Instagram

It was revealed on November 11th, 2019 that a third Voice coach was named Sexiest Man Alive by PEOPLE Magazine.

In 2017, Blake Shelton took over the honors from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

A few years prior, then-coach Adam Levine was 2013’s Sexiest Man Alive.

Now, John Legend has been named Sexiest Man Alive by PEOPLE Magazine. Shelton wanted to welcome Legend to the club by presenting him with bedazzled shorts with the acronym VEGOTSMA.

“You already came into this show with an EGOT,” Shelton said, referencing the fact that Legend is one of only 15 entertainers to have won all four of the industry’s highest honors: an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. “Then you won The Voice and it became a VEGOT. Now you have a VEGOTSMA.”

After the show, all the coaches went back to their trailers and Stefani had a big surprise waiting for her beau. She managed to have a huge version of Legend’s Sexiest Man Alive cover put on Shelton’s trailer!

The “God’s Country” singer took it in stride, though, seeing as he did this but on a much greater scale to Adam Levine!

This is one of my…what’s the word? Protege? I taught him everything he knows. I taught him how to pull his jacket over to cover his gut, I do it all the time!” Shelton said.

Watch Blake’s reaction below.